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Microblading 101 Class

This course is designed for students who have an interest in Microblading (Hair-stroke Brows), or who have a passion within the beauty industry and want to expand their talents within their business. Learn the art of three-dimensional hair simulation through a hands-on intensive education. Students will learn how to use the most advanced permanent cosmetic pigments available and highly specialized medical tattooing techniques. Learn to replicate missing brow hair, by tattooing individual hair strokes into bare or thinning spots in the brow. Students will be exposed to training in a specialized combination of art and science. We will spend a great deal of the class covering sanitation, client consultation, mapping Brows , room set up and the supplies you will need from beginning to the end of the procedure.
The total cost of the Microblading 101 course is $1500, and you only need to pay a $500 non refundable deposit to hold your space. The balance is due 5 days before the start of class. You will leave the course with a Microblading 101 Certificate of Completion and an extensive course kit. After we do the day of theory and practice , we schedule for a one on one session with your model , at no charge to them . Once the class and model are done we encourage you to come in at anytime and observe . We are available for questions and assistance anytime during the launch of your permanent makeup business . Continuing support is what sets this course apart from any other . For further questions you can call or text 850-447-0336, email
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The course kit includes:

2- Disposable Hand Tools

1 Non - Disposable hand tool with various blades

1 Tote

A release form for you to copy and give to your clients,

2 pigments

5 color rings with sponges

5 non sponge color rings

5 brow brushes

5 Micro-wands

10 Alcohol Pads

10 Disinfectant Wipes

1 Drape Sheet

1 Bib

1 Protecting Face Mask

Cellophane for covering brows

Numbing cream

Practice Leather Sheets

Sharps Box

1 Disposable Scalpel

Brow measuring caliper & Drawing Pencil

5 Adhesive Brow Rulers

Continuing Support

Practice mannequin with Disposable Brow Straps

Microblading Manual




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